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Why Grande Marque Trading?

Grande Marque Trading offers the option to invest as an Individual, an Entity, through a Self-Directed IRA, and via Private Placement Life Insurance. Prospective investors with investment grade wine collections available for sale may, subject to review and approval, request consideration to contribute their collection towards the investment subscription price. We prioritize maximizing the potential for financial benefits from fine wine investing by:

  • Providing quarterly sales and progress reporting.

  • Facilitating the opportunity for compounded growth.

  • Reinvestment of net profits on an ongoing basis.

  • Leveraging significant purchase volumes providing advantageous economies of scale.

Investing in Fine Wine:


  • Has unique attributes given the finite initial supply and the further depletion of availability over time.

  • Studies indicate is non-correlated to traditional equity markets.

  • May provide effective diversification for an investment portfolio.

  • May provide an inflation hedge option.

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